7 tips to pack a jewellery

Great, I’m moving out!

After the big joy comes the hard work. Ok, you are asking why. Packing, packing and again packing…!

Yes, for you boys packing it’s not such a problem. You have 3 pair of shoes, 10 T-shirts and 2 pants probably. I’m sure you can put all of your stuff in 2 boxes, am I right? But for the girls packing is a disaster.Oh my God, so many questions. What to do? How to do it? From where to start?

It’s very interesting, last night I couldn’t find a dress for the party, but now my wardrobe is full. Where comes from all these clothes? I realised that I have so many duds and so many shoes and a lot of jewellery. Good, I will pack all my clothes and shoes in boxes.beads-1518783_640 The big question is what to do with my big collection of rings, earrings, necklaces. How to pack my jewellery without getting it tangled?

I am here to help you girls. Here are a few tried and tested tips.

1.Use a straw.

Use a straw but not for drinking cocktails. Take the necklaces and thread them through a straw. In this way they won’t get tangle.

2.Use a jewellery box.

This is the best way to organize your jewellery, because in the jewellery box there are special places for everything. In my case I will need more than one jewellery box.

  1. Use a towel.

Take the towel from the bathroom. Put a piece of jewellery on the edge of the towel. Fold it back and forth placing a piece of jewellery on each fold.You can also roll the towel. Tie the towel with a ribbon or with a rubber band.

4.Use a pill case.

You can use a pill case to organize your earrings and rings.

5.Use a ziplock bag.

You can buy ziplock bags with different size. You can pack all of your jewellery in them.Place one piece of jewellery in individual ziplock bag.

6.Use a button

Hook the earrings through buttons, in this way you can keep the pairs together. I hate lose one of my earrings.

7.Use a sock

It’s better to be a clean sock. It’s a joke. First, roll up the sock. Second, wrap the necklace around the sock. Third, put another sock on it.

There are many other ways to pack your jewellery, but these are my best 7 tips.

After you pack your stuff and move them to the new house, all you have to do is calling to an End of tenancy cleaning agency. They will do the dirty job for you and you can rest assured for your deposit.