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Great holiday in Bulgaria

I was on a great holiday in Bulgaria. It’s not a very big country but is so beautiful. Can you imagine all the natural landmarks in one place? You can see mountains, rivers, lakes, sea, beaches, waterfalls – everything. And all that gathered in that small country.

I landed on Varna airport. I found and arranged airport transportation Bulgaria, Varna, so the driver was waiting for me. He helped with the baggage. How do you know the most of the girls travel with big suitcases. I’m not an exception. I was pleasantly surprised that the driver was speaking very good English. I book a hotel in Burgas. It’s 115 km far from Varna, it takes around two hours to get to the city

The trip was very enjoyable, the car was comfortable and polite. There was a nice music. The driver was kind, he was like a historical encyclopedia. He was telling me stories about the places through which we passed. It was interesting for me. I will certainly use the services of this company again.

We stopped to eat at one roadside restaurant. The food was so delicious or maybe I was too hungry. I tried typical Bulgarian dishes and great Bulgarian red wine. I can tell you a lot about Bulgarian cuisine but next time.

I arrived at my hotel and here started my journey. Today I will tell about two cities part of the historical heritage of Bulgaria. If you go to Burgas you have certainly visit them.

  1. Nessebar

Nessebar is a small city on the seaside. But more interesting is the Old town. It is situated on a peninsula but used to be an island. The Old town existed from the 6th century BC. There are many churches, some of them are only ruins. On the cobbled streets, you can find a lot of souvenir shops. You can see typical old style houses. There are many small restaurants with a seaside view.

  1. Sozopol

Sozopol is cozy little town. It combines the old and the new culture. Sozopol is divided into an old and a new city. In the new city, you will find many restaurants and typical ethno-style taverns with live music. There аre disco, clubs and all kind
of entertainment. In the old town, you can feel the spirit of the history. It was founded around 610 B.C. You can see very good preserved Renaissance houses and restored ancient archaeological sites.

It was just a little part of my experiences in Bulgaria. Do not hesitate and visit this wonderful country.